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Window Cleaning

Our standard window cleaning includes a spotless cleaning of the interior and exterior of the windows, screen cleaning, as well as a wipe down of all frames and tracks. 
Don’t need the whole package? That’s okay, we can customize our services to fit your needs. (we price our cleanings based on the number, size, and accessibility of window panes and screens. Contact us to set up a free estimate)

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an excellent, affordable way to maintain the exterior of your home, business, or storefront as well as eliminating dirt from driveways, decks, patios, and walkways. Whether you want to remove stuck in dirt and grime on concrete or decking or you want to bring out more vibrant colors on your home give us a call and see the transformation that pressure washing can bring to your property!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time your solar panels will collect dirt, salt, and debris from the blowing trade winds on Maui. As the dirt builds up it can reduce the effectiveness of your panels to generate energy. Just like our classic window cleaning, our solar panel cleaning will leave your panels perfectly clean and ready to do their job!

Construction Clean Up

We specialize in a detailed clean of windows in new and remodeled buildings and homes. Construction can leave windows covered in paint, concrete, silicone, adhesive, etc. A detailed, professional window cleaning is always recommended to get your windows looking like new again. At Pono Window Cleaning our specialized no-to-low razor construction cleanup methods will leave your windows free of construction debris and beautifully clean while minimizing the risk of scratching.


At Pono Window Cleaning we do on-site re-screening. If you have peeling screens or screens with holes we’d be happy to fix them for you.

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