Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve residential and Commercial?
A: Yes, we serve both residential and commercial properties across Maui
Do you do recurring work?
A: Absolutely! We love repeat customers and the more you book, the more you can save. We also firmly believe that it’s wise to maintain the cleanliness of your windows to extend their functionality and beauty.
How do you charge for your services?
A: We charge per/pane for our window cleaning service. The price of each pane is determined by the size and accessibility of the windows.  We can do remote bidding using pictures and provide a price range, or we can come do an estimate for free to give you an exact value.
Do you clean two story houses?
A: We can very easily clean two story houses, both for pressure washing and for window cleaning. If getting on a roof or  ladder is not your strong suit, call us and let the professionals do it for you.
How much are estimates?
A: Estimates are free. There’s no need to feel any obligation for pricing out a window cleaning or pressure washing job from us. We’re happy to take a look and you needn’t feel any pressure to commit to a cleaning.  The estimate is free whether you choose us or not.
Do you serve all of Maui?
A: Our Service area includes all of Maui except for Hana side.  Minimum balances may apply for stand alone jobs depending on the location of your house or property.  Feel free to call or text us to see how we can serve you best.
What products do you use to clean?
A: We use biodegradable soap and water to clean windows….that’s it. No harsh chemicals, no environmentally sensitive materials. Just soap and water.
Is there an extra charge for really dirty windows?
A: Our basic window cleaning effectively removes all surface dirts.  If your windows require further attention beyond the use of scrubbers and squeegees small fees may apply. However, once we Pono Clean your windows all of that extra dirt and grime will be gone and it’s very likely that those extra cleaning measures won’t be necessary ever again, particularly if you chose to do a recurring service.

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